PHOENIX - Christian Petzold

15 July 2021 ☼ notesfrom 20142014 film & tvmy 2021

Director: Christian Petzold
Writer: ?
Producer: ?
DoP: ?
Editor: ?

?, 98mins

interesting to see suspicion of Nazis around them immediately after war. reënacting the past made my think of remember by jon mcgregor - after trauma trying to control or was there another element to it; the realist scebe. didn’t like end. great ending.

[An] expertly crafted deft post-Holocaust melodrama about a camp survivor with a disfigured face who reunites with her husband who thought her dead. TheVertigo-esque twist? He doesn’t know it’s her, but slowly tries to make her become his late’ wife. It’s a very sharp examination of a person’s loss of identity after severe trauma, that links acts of forgetting and pretending to Post-War Germany’s cultural consciousness.

While some viewers grumbled about suspension of disbelief, I found the story an uncanny and pointed expression of postwar alienation for survivors, especially those pressed to cope with the past by forgetting it.

Petzold achieves a narrow but evocative realism on a slender budget, but the narrowness extends to his characters as well. His pristine academicism illustrates the story without deepening or internalizing it. The script is dosed out in spoonfuls of dialogue that take the place of visual conception or symbolic resonance, and the lack of directorial style renders the story all the less plausible.

The ending’s brilliantly abrupt

(77?, 16 July 2021)