THE SURGEON - Tess Gerritsen

18 July 2021 ☼ notesfrom 20012001 booksmy 2021

serial killer in Boston removes victims� wombs while they’re still awake. now, they�re showing a keen interest in the survivor (ER trauma surgeon, Catherine Cordell) of a different (?), supposedly-dead serial killer’s attack (with a strikingly similar approach). homicide detective Moore, a widower who soon takes the role of love interest’, investigates alongside jealous, plain-faced, snappish young Jane Rizzoli, the only female on their team.

attempted a classical background & motivation for the killer - think Hannibal, but less precise - as we learn about Greek, Viking, and Aztec sacrificial practices. strong scenes in a rape crisis centre tackle the lifelong aftermath of sexual assault. two female protagonists, Rizzoli & Cordell, work in male-dominant professions - points on sexism weren’t too elbowed-in and fit the narrative well enough. grim in places, though at no point chilling as was promised - reviews take the obvious line that Gerritsen’s story slides as smooth as a scalpel in a confident surgeon’s hand’ but this is lazy & obvious & by the end i was, frankly, bored. a better-suited analogy than the scalpel would be: an excellent, professional tonsillectomy, when you were scheduled for a head transplant.

italicised sections for the killer made distinction clear but also intelligent & mystical - i wonder what impression italics give in contrast to bold (intelligence & power?). clear writing. apparently the series gets better but not sure if i’ll tackle it

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