PATERSON - Jim Jarmusch

21 July 2021 ☼ notesfrom 20162016 film & tvmy 2021

Director: Jim Jarmusch
Writer: Gianni Di Gregorio
Producer: Domenico Procacci
DoP: Marco Onorato
Editor: Marco Spoletini

Italy, 137mins

subtle distancing with the giving of a kiss in the morning. subtle threats near start - stealing the dog or the innocence of not knowing what a threat or call for help is, or reading someone’s sorrow. autism. why does he keep seeing twins?

her scatterbrained approach to interests and his sole obsession

oversharing indian contrast, the use of other characters to contrast his own

phone fickleness and more concerned with image

slow unravelling of a day, not liking change

without love what reason is there for anything

why black and white

what’s with the dog

when all sense making

there is the rest of the song

is shredded

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