My name’s Dan Kelly.

Since 2021, I’ve called Frome & Somerset my home. I live here with my forest cat, Boudica & my partner. I’m culturally omnivorous, love hiking through nature, & am constantly hungry. I read a lot & make little word art things.

I’m a writer.

It’s a long, special relationship I have with writing. I practice by reviewing books in 100-words on this site & pulling out three key thoughts for Insta. I also write a seasonal journal about what I’m working on for the next handful of weeks.

I’ve listed what I’ve had published, too; I’m particularly proud of my interview with filmmaker, Remi Moses.

I’m a freelance creative consultant.

The bills are currently paid, I’m immensely proud to say, by my role as a Communications Manager for the NHS.

Until I make it as a rolling-in-cash writer of fiction, which should be any day now, I’m also freelancing as a creative consultant: anything to do with content, communications, marketing, editorial, copywriting, and more. I’ve got lots of happy, globally-lauded clients, from the UKs oldest bookshop & first film school to one of the world’s biggest retail banks & human rights charities.

Get in touch.

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Have a great day. ☺