I’ve donned many hats to make ends meet.

As well as a bunch of other roles, not to mention my writing, I’m now a senior account manager & content writer for an multi-award-winning comms & marketing consultancy in Somerset.

What can I be for you?

I’m currently taking on some freelance work.

Who have I worked with?

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with one of the oldest bookshops & first film schools on the planet; its most prestigious universities & human rights organisations; and two of the most crucial human touching points possible: the NHS, and the UKs largest retail bank. My roles have always featured communications, content, or marketing — as a freelancer, I’ve avoided the self-appointed titles of word lord or supreme reader with great difficulty.

Clients & employers include: Transform, NHS, Hatchards & Waterstones, Lloyds Banking Group, University of Oxford, LSE, London Film School, Human Rights Watch, Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, Mayor of London’s office, charities, creative agencies.

I trust what you write and think will work best. I always think I have nothing to say, but then we talk and I realise I do. I really enjoy the process. The fact you pepper conversation with industry knowledge you’ve researched helps and works so much. I’ve done this before with other people and, usually, you need to go back a few steps to explain things — but you make sure you’re already at that point.” — Amy Still, Founder & CEO of Whisk

How am I any different?

There are tonnes of talented writers out there. Why work with me? What makes my experience of life & work unique and, therefore, better-suited to that specific thing you need?

Who else could you work with?

Do you like coffee & cake?

If you’d like to work together, send details of what needs doing across to and we’ll have a chat, in person or remotely — I’m open to big & small clients, across all sectors. If you’d just like to say hello, I’m on Substack & LinkedIn.