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I’ve worked with some seriously interesting, globally-lauded clients.

A few favourites: Lloyds Banking Group, Hatchards (owned by Waterstones), London Film School, Human Rights Watch, University of Oxford, Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, Mayor of London’s office.

My role, as a freelancer or permanent staff, has always had content, communications, or marketing in the title. Quality content is priority; strategy & planning come a close second - with the time & money we spend, every bit of work should feed into something larger.

Like coffee & cake? Let’s work together! I’m open to big & small clients, across all sectors. Send project details to

& we’ll meet in person or chat online.

work, in full

If what you need is someone to review & plan & create the messages you’re sending out into the world, I can probably help (or point you in the direction of someone who can).

What can I do?

Here are a few examples:

I love the creative, nonprofit, small business, & healthcare sectors. That said, I’ve worked in financial services & higher education, too. No matter where you’re from, I’d love to hear from you.

How am I different?

There are plenty of people you could work with, so why me? What makes the skills I’ve picked up or the person I am any different or better than someone else? It’s a tricky question, one I’ve tried to answer with these three points:

  1. Daily writing practices. Whether we work together or not (though I hope we do, of course), I write because I love to tell stories & want to learn, always, how to get better at doing it. I journal, share reviews, and even pitch ideas for publication. I’m creative, through & through.
  2. ADHD. To champion my neurodiversity, people with ADHD don’t have a deficit’ in attention, rather the ability to fixate on single pieces of work, spotting opportunities & connections others won’t have done. We crave (& subsequently create) structure: clear, achievable plans to support a bigger strategy. We value, above all else, things that are interesting.
  3. Creative heart with big business skills. My previous clients, seen above & below, have ranged from the UKs oldest bookshop to the largest retail bank in Britain. I know how to cater for small, intimate author readings, and I know how to win over a room of global stakeholders; I know how to focus on detail, while not forgetting the bigger picture.

Who else have I worked with?

For Lloyds Banking Group, the UKs largest retail bank, I worked with their small, in-house Sensitive Comms agency as an expert in empathy communications. Across multiple banking brands, I reviewed a long, broad list of sensitive content towards their commitment to consumer duty to ensure they’re clear, consistent, and empathetic.

For Hatchards Bookshop, as events & marketing manager, I:

& for Human Rights Watch Film Festival, managing their social media and digital outreach, here’s Global Director, Jen Nedbalsky-Neal:

Dan was an incredible asset to our team. He came on board to assist with copywriting, grassroots outreach, and digital marketing. His help was essential and helped us to reach new heights in attendance with creative marketing ideas and social media expertise. He’s wonderful to work with, an excellent writer, and he brings passion & intelligence to the projects he works on. We really look forward to working with Dan again in the future.

Boudica & I my co-worker, Boudica