I’ve donned many hats to make ends meet.

As well as a bunch of other roles, not to mention my writing, I’m now a senior account manager & content writer for an multi-award-winning comms & marketing consultancy in Somerset.

daniel kelly clients

What can I be for you?

I’m currently taking on some freelance work.

Who have I worked with?

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with one of the oldest bookshops & first film schools on the planet; its most prestigious universities & human rights organisations; and two of the most crucial human touching points possible: the NHS, and the UKs largest retail bank. My roles have always featured communications, content, or marketing — as a freelancer, I’ve avoided the self-appointed titles of word lord or supreme reader with great difficulty.

Clients & employers include: Transform, NHS, Hatchards & Waterstones, Lloyds Banking Group, University of Oxford, LSE, London Film School, Human Rights Watch, Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, Mayor of London’s office, charities, creative agencies.

How am I any different?

There are tonnes of talented writers out there. Why work with me? What makes my experience of life & work unique and, therefore, better-suited to that specific thing you need?

Who else could you work with?

Do you like coffee & cake?

If you’d like to work together, send details of what needs doing across to and we’ll have a chat, in person or remotely — I’m open to big & small clients, across all sectors. If you’d just like to say hello, I’m on Substack & LinkedIn.